Explore the theory and practice on how to prepare oneself for the higher spiritual path.


In this course, Pablo Sender presents the teachings found in Clara Codd's book, The Technique of the Spiritual Life, covering the following topics:


1- Introduction

2- Development of Will

3- Training the Body

4- Training the Emotions 

5- Training the Mind

6- The Ego


Skill Level: Intermediate

Steered by its karma, the individual's immortal consciousness is traced throughout the continuum from death and through the post-mortem states to rebirth.

Beyond the obvious connectivity of death, karma, and reincarnation, William Q. Quinn examines the seven principles of the human being, including the phenomenon that ties all these subjects together—that of the higher consciousness of the "transmigrant," which is the actual and true wayfarer that traverses this cosmic highway.

This series covers the following subjects:

1- Death and the Higher Spiritual Path

2- Karma and the Higher Spiritual Path

3- Reincarnation and the Higher Spiritual Path

4- Consciousness and the Higher Spiritual Path


Skill Level: Intermediate

A practical study of Mabel Collins' theosophical classic Light on the Path.

In this four-unit intermediate level course, Pablo Sender presents one of the three gems of the Theosophical Literature: "Light on the Path."


This series covers the following subjects:

1- 4 Unnumbered Rules & Rules 1 - 4 in Part I

2- Rules 5 - 16 in Part I

3- Rules 17 - 21 in Part I

4- Rules 1 - 21 in Part II


Skill Level: Intermediate

Learn about the mental and emotional trials of wayfarers ascending the higher spiritual path, pressured by infiltrating doubt and escaping conviction. This path invariably requires the exercise of their will power, whose ultimate goal is the achievement of true free-will.

This series covers the following subjects:

1- Development of Will Power

2- The Role of Free-Will

3- Love and Hatred

4- Doubt, Deception, and Conviction


Skill Level: Intermediate

Learn the Theosophical teachings about evolution as a vast process of the unfoldment of consciousness.

Science tells us that life-forms evolve by adapting to the surrounding environment, and places paramount importance on the survival of the fittest. The Theosophical view, while not denying science’s assertions, expands this process to a much broader field that includes a spiritual development across various planes of matter and energy.


This series covers the following subjects:

1- Scientific View of Evolution

2- Cyclic Evolutionary Pilgrimage

3- Spirit-Matter Interaction

4- The Secret of Evolution

Skill Level: Intermediate

Discover the deeper meaning of "higher spiritual path" and its initiatic nature, as well as what is required to ascend it.

The ultimate goal of the higher spiritual path is initiation into an Order that assists the spiritual evolution of humanity. To reach that goal, the wayfarer on the path must be laser focused and mindful on this journey, and must use and rely upon the intuition.

This series covers the following subjects:

1- The Path and Its Goal

2- Situational Awareness and Mindfulness

3- Whispers of the Intuition

4- The Providential Path


Skill Level: Intermediate

An in-depth study of the law of Karma and its connection to our thoughts.

Do we live in a world of law and justice? Is there an order behind what happens in our lives? Following Annie Besant's book Karma, Pablo Sender examines the problem of inequality and randomness that seems to be prevalent in human existence, offering a deep and satisfying picture of the evolutionary journey and its transcendental goal.


This 6-Unit course covers the following subjects:


1- The Invariability of Law - The Planes of Nature - The Generation of Thought-Forms.


2- Activity of Thought-Forms - The Making of Karma in Principle.


3- The Making of Karma in Detail - Aspirations - Thinking - Unfulfilled Will or Desire.


4- The Working out of Karma - Types of Karma.


5- Facing Karmic Results - Building the Future - Moulding Karma.


6- Collective Karma - National Karma - Family Karma - The Ceasing of Karma.


Skill Level: Intermediate

Pablo Sender examines the purpose of life and the laws that rule the soul’s journey.

Theosophical teachings propose that the aim of our existence is to develop the divine seeds present in every human being. In this four-unit intermediate course, Pablo Sender explores this magnificent growth, which begins with a primitive human and ends with an enlightened being.

This series covers the following subjects:

1- Reincarnation

2- Karma

3- Death and After

4- After-Death and the New Birth

Skill Level: Intermediate

Explore the deep roots of Theosophy in the Vedas, Upanishads, and Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

H. P. Blavatsky and other leading figures in the Theosophical Society have referred to the existence of a continuous stream of guidance reaching out to us from ancient times right up to modern-day Theosophy. In this six-week webinar Dara Tatray will explore the deep roots of Theosophy as they are present in the psychology and cosmology of the main Hindu texts.


This series covers the following subjects:

1- Removing Some of the Filters

2- The Upanishads and The Secret Doctrine

3- Knowing Where to Look for Theosophy

4- Universal Over-soul and the Yoga Sutras

5- What is a Human Being?

6- Objects and Work of the Theosophical Society


Skill Level: Intermediate

This course prepared by Barbara Hebert explores a more in-depth understanding of the concept of reincarnation, based primarily on a book by Annie Besant.

Reincarnation is one of the primary concepts discussed in the theosophical literature. It not only explains the obvious injustices and inequities found in the physical world, but it also provides us with a rationale for them. As Annie Besant writes: 

Human beings are to reunite the separated aspects of the One, to bring the Spirit to self-consciousness on all planes. Such is their sublime task, for the accomplishment of which reincarnation is to be their tool.


This course covers the following subjects:

  • The meaning of reincarnation

  • The septenary nature of the human being

  • A discussion about what it is that reincarnates and what does not reincarnate

  • The process of reincarnation

  • Thought power and its association with reincarnation

  • Transmigration

  • The goal of reincarnation

  • Reincarnation and the Law of Periodicity

  • The Case of the existence of reincarnation

  • A discussion regarding why some people object to the idea of reincarnation

Skill Level: Intermediate

Joy Mills presents some fundamental ideas that can transform your life.

This five-unit intermediate level course explores how the main Theosophical principles can become a tool in spiritual transformation. For this, however, we must be willing to transcend deep-seated mental patterns acquired from family, educational, and cultural backgrounds.

Topics explored in this series are:

1- What Shapes our Lives

2- Unity/Polarity

3- Periodicity

4- Lawfulness

5- Transformation 

Skill Level: Intermediate

In this four-unit intermediate course, Pablo Sender presents the evolution of the cosmos and humanity as described in Theosophical literature. These teachings not only explore what takes place on the physical plane but include the unfolding occurring in the spiritual realms.


This series covers the following subjects:

1- Cosmic Evolution

2- A Hierarchy of Beings

3- The Human Pilgrimage

4- Our Mission in Life

Skill Level: Intermediate

Pablo Sender explores how Theosophical teachings present the manifestation of the universe and its constitution. Who or what creates the cosmos? Was it created out of nothing? Is the universe composed only of the matter we perceive through our senses? 

This four-unit intermediate level course explores these and other related fascinating questions. The topics included in this series are:


1- Introduction

2- From Chaos to Cosmos

3- A Cyclic Model of the Universe

4- The Seven Dimensions in Cosmos and Self

Skill Level: Intermediate