This course may be more appropriate for those who have some basic information on the topic.

Explore some fundamental ideas that can transform your life.

In this five-unit intermediate level course, renowned Theosophical teacher Joy Mills shows how the main Theosophical principles can become a tool in spiritual transformation. For this, however, we must be willing to transcend deep-seated mental patterns acquired from family, educational, and cultural backgrounds.

Topics explored in this series are:

1- What Shapes our Lives

2- Unity/Polarity

3- Periodicity

4- Lawfulness

5- Transformation 

Discover how Theosophical teachings explain the manifestation of the universe and its constitution. Who or what creates the cosmos? Was it created out of nothing? Is the universe composed only of the matter we perceive through our senses? 

In this four-unit intermediate level course, Pablo Sender explores these and other related fascinating questions. The topics included in this series are:

1- Introduction

2- From Chaos to Cosmos

3- A Cyclic Model of the Universe

4- The Seven Dimensions in Cosmos and Self

Is evolution a blind process of adaptation, or there is a purpose behind it? In this four-unit intermediate course, Pablo Sender explores the evolution of the cosmos and humanity, not only on the physical plane but also on the spiritual realms.

This series covers the following subjects:

1- Cosmic Evolution

2- A Hierarchy of Beings

3- The Human Pilgrimage

4- Our Mission in Life

Learn about the purpose of life and the laws that rule the soul’s journey.

Theosophical teachings propose that the aim of our existence is to develop the divine seeds present in every human being. In this four-unit intermediate course, Pablo Sender explores this magnificent growth, which begins with a primitive human and ends with an enlightened being.

This series covers the following subjects:

1- Reincarnation

2- Karma

3- Death and After

4- After-Death and the New Birth